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A Little About Me...

Hello and thanks for looking through my site! I'm Bethany, 23. I’m am a self employed model and promotions worker, I have been modeling since the age of 15!

I absolutely love my job, I get to travel a lot and meet the most amazing people along the way. No two days are ever the same, mostly I work in studio's but sometimes I get to work on location (mostly with bridal shoots).

I love working on location some of the places we shoot in are just beautiful. So anyway, please take a look through my site and if you would like to book me for a job or collaboration then get in touch.





Here's some fun facts:

My favourite colour is green  and black
My favourite food is pizza and garlic bread🍕
It took me 5 times to pass my driving test 🚗
I've climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 🏔

sunset is my favourite time of day 

space fascinates me

im absolutely a gemini
I collect dream catchers

Take a look through my work:


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