RENAISSANCE... My Skin Story

So over the last couple of years like many people Iv really struggled with my skin especially hormone spots! They are very red angry and can be pretty painful.

One of the worst things to probably do is cover them up with make up all the time but due to my job and the actual lack of confidence my skin made me feel I would pile it on.

When I’m not shooting or not doing much I try not to wear it as much as I can keeping my skin fresh and able to breath I use micellar cleansing water by garnier to take my make up of then just rinse my face with warm water and pat dry..

I’m a huge fan of face mask and trying lots of different ones out but Iv not actually been using them recently as some times it does draw my spots out so I discovered retinol serum by u skin I use day and night and if I feel like I need a extra busy I mix it in with my primer for my make up.

The treatment…

So Iv been going to renaissance for years not to get the most perfect HD brows (book in ladies they are to die for) Iv also had dermalogica facials and I used to use the skint kits (purchased from instore Prescot and St. Helens) and the daily exfoliating is one of my favourite products to use its fresh and light on your skin leaving it glowing, Iv also had the LVL lashes and they was just amazing uplifting and made my eyes look bluer. Brighter and bigger I had so many complements on my new longer fuller NATURAL lashes! But then I came across the Microdermabrasion it’s a absolutely game changer with my skin! I followed the treatment on with oxygen therapy now I’ll explain what they actually did to my skin….

So the Microdermabrasion is to deeply exfoliate my skin removing dead skin cells it left it glowing and I could actually see the difference as the facial was going on as you do one side first and move onto the other my skin felt plumped up and glowing. But to make this treatment even better I then had oxygen therapy to reduce my breakout activity within my skin. It reduce redness, revitalize and hydrate my skin. Then I had some LED light therapy incorporating red and blue light to have both a rejuvenating and anti inflammatory effect reducing my spots and improving the post inflammatory pigmentation.

This made my skin feels absolutely amazing took the redness right down and looked vibrant and feels more “plump” and just generally AMAZING! So after I had this facial I rebooked in for my PH skin peel just to keep on top of my skin! The ph treatment is a resurfacing treatment, none aggressive peel, ideal for acneic ageing pigmented or sensitive skin this left my skin looking absolutely flawless I had a little bit of crusting on the left side of my face (skin peeling) what lasted only a few days it dropped of and just looked 100% better than what it did when I first went into the salon.



Thank you so much for all your help over the years and getting my skin to its best potential look forward to more amazing treatments and my HD brows booked in next week 💕😊

Ladies and gentlemen there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about your skin! Everyone at some point suffers some a lot worst than others but if you don't love your self who will?.....

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