PH Formula Skin peel Facial

From my previous blog posts or if you follow me on my social media you will see that I have always struggled with hormone spots/acne and redness on my face. I have literally used possibly every product but the only thing I actually think that helps to improve my skin is a visit to my local Skincare & Beauty salon ( I may aswell move in there)

So today I had a skin resurface Ph Formula peel facial, it starts of with just a gentle cleanse

over the skin to remove any excess makeup etc.

The first step of the facial, the liquid is brushed onto your face just to see if the product will be OK going onto the rest of your skin ,it tingles a little bit but no burning sensation at all !

Step 2 is called ACNE 1, this step is rubbed onto your face with little buds and you can feel it start to tingle and burn ITS NORMAL ! on a scale of one to ten I would say it was a 7.5. Soon as my skin neutralized it was time for step 3.

STEP 3 was just step two but repeated again and the burning and tingling sensations was definitely more prompt on my skin I would say it was a good nine at this point ( still bearable though ) this treatment can be repeated on your face three times depending on how your skin will react.

STEP ONE (treatment brushed onto skin to see if there is any bad reactions slight tingle)

STEP 2 (ACNE 1 treatment rubbed into skin you can now see your skin becoming red in arears burning and tingle will start)

you can see slight redness in this pic (normal)

STEP 3 (rep eat of step 3 just more intense feeling of burning an tingling )

With this treatment it can be repeated up to 3 times in one go but my skin had enough after two blasts of the Ph formula , all that was left to do was a hydration mask

My skin feels so fresh clean and bright my aftercare is pretty simple avoid hot baths, saunas, for 24/48 hours depending how I think it feels stay out of the direct sunlight for the rest of the day just to make sure it dose not burn continue to use a SPF on my face ( if not it could cause discoloration)

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