- Three combined technologies optimal spectrum coverage

- VIRTUALLY painless laser hair removal.

- All skin tones, including tanned skin.

- Proven saftey record.

Recently laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular, who actually has time to shave anymore ? especially those hard to reach areas. I recently visited award winning skin/beauty salon Renaissance to have a go at the Sopranolce. I honestly didn't know what to expect whether it would hurt or leave me with marks on my body ? you never know and if your like me probably think the worst but I knew in the long run it will save me so much time and im also pretty lazy and who actually wants to spend 10/15 minutes shaving there legs, under arms etc... NOT ME ! So I went in for my consultation filled out a form of my medical history for the ladies to asses whether or not I could actually have the laser hair removal, all good to go so I went into the room and just above my bra strap I had a little white box marked out on my skin, then the gel was applied and then the machine was turned on and moved around the little box and that was my patch test ( painless ) along as my body didn't react within the next 24 hours I was good to get the next treatment done.


A few days later I went in again to have the treatment done I had my legs (below the knees and my under arms) it was absolute PAIN LESS! it actually felt really nice and cold and relaxing and then it gets a little bit warm and it was so fast ! The way it works is it basically targets the three main structures of the hair follicle at three different depths of the skin and that is how it helps to stop the hair from going back. Iv had my first treatment done now and I have to wait six weeks to have my next course done. There is no 'recovery' time soon as you have had it done you can carry on with your everyday routine. The best bit about it is that even if you have sensitive skin, course or fine hair you can still undergo the treatment. You can get practically anywhere on your body done.

I 100% think this treatment is perfect and I will do a updated blog when I have finished all my treatments

Thank you so much everyone at Renaissance such a amazing company

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