Intimate waxing.

all the secrets you need to know....

So waxing where do you start? just a bikini line tidy up ready for summer, a Brazilian? or dare it all Hollywood? and all the bits in between.

Iv been having waxing treatments literally for years now legs, eyebrows underarms but I've always put of getting my lets say (lady garden) waxed

1. because the thought of the pain put me off

2. because the thought of doing something embarrassing screaming in pain or jumping getting my legs stuck together who know what can happen !


so before I go any further I will get this out of the way I DIDN'T do anything embarrassing because there was no reason to scream because the pain ABSOLUTELY WASN'T BAD! don't get me wrong I did flinch a few times but it was absolutely bearable oh and my legs never got stuck together and most of all after a few minuets of being ley on the bed chatting away you forget that someone is down there waxing away. What we need to remember ladies and gents is to them they do this day in day out probably for a good few year THEY HAVE SEEN IT ALL! not only do woman get intimate waxing men do to its 100% NORMAL and nothing to be ashamed about

honestly after walking out and being all nice and waxed I thought why have I never done this before....I think it will defiantly change the way I think about picking up a razor , its so much better and affordable thinking of all the money I have wasted on razors over the years and basically you're in and out (depending on how long the therapist has been waxing some can do everything off in 25 min some take a little longer) and the more you get it done the less the hair grows back as it is waxed right from the route.


> let you hair grow! possibly the longer the better so there is something there for the wax to actually grab onto from what I have found anything more than a grain of rice is long enough

> TAKE A SHOWER!! be clean! it will make you feel less conscious the therapist will secretly thank you to!

>be aware it is going to be a little bit painful, some more than others there will be little awkward parts hard to reach

> do be aware your therapist will be up close and personal

> when your finished it will be red but this will go away over night its normal

>definitely wear some lose clothing the less friction the better

>re book in for your next wax so yo know when it getting done again the more you get it done the less the hair grows back

>let your skin breath

> be proud of your lady garden DO IT FOR YOU! keep the situation situated at all times!


> DONT feel embarrassed as hard as you think it is!

> DONT book your wax a few days before your period this area is more sensitive meaning it will be more unconformable than it need to be

>DONT worry when the tweezers come out this is normal just to get the last few stray hairs

>DONT worry when your asked to remove all your lower clothing and underwear and put on some disposable underwear

>DONT worry if you change your mind during your wax of how much you want taken off

>DONT stress if you do come on your period you dont need to cancel, just make it known to your therapist and be aware your part may be a lot more sensitive

>DONT go home and jump in a red hot bath or shower it will irritate the skin stick to warm water till your redness has cooled off.

I know it looks like theirs a lot of DON'TS but they are all pretty basic ,YES your going to be ley on a bed with your legs spread apart YES you therapist is going to be up close but not for one second will the judge you they are getting on with there job NO you wont walk out the shop wobbling in pain and YES you will definitely want to re book in there are so many befits of waxing just take the step to booking in and getting your lady garden sorted out!

bite the bullet and beautify your bits.

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